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Registered: 09-2005
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Important Notice

Feel free to request clips from movies and TV shows, and ideas for original fiction, in this forum. Please post any actual clips and fiction in the correct respective forums.

For movies and TV shows, if you don't know the title of the one you're looking for, please be as descriptive as possible. Tell us as much about the movie or show as you can, who was in it, what happened, etc. This will help other contributors to find the material you're looking for.

For requests involving the reposting of past clips that are no longer available, please post your request under the appropriate topic in the "Clip Contributions" forum. Where the original poster allows it, you can also send them a polite PM (private message), requesting them to repost their previous clip(s).

Please note that the posting of an entire movie or TV show episode is not allowed for copyright reasons (unless the material is identified under copyright laws as public domain). All clips must be used for personal entertainment only, and not for profit.

For fiction, please note that only original fiction can be requested as ideas. If you find fiction by someone else on the internet, please post only the link to the material in the "Stories of Swordplay" forum.

Above all, please be patient. It may take time, but your requests will be filled as soon as they are found by other contributors.

Thank you.

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